The most fun project you'll ever start.

Grow your own indoor tree from seed with our growing kits.

Nothing else needed. Guaranteed to grow.

People Love Their Trees


"The trees started to grow briskly even in the middle of winter."

I received Lil Plot's grow your own olive tree package as a Christmas present from my friend. The trees started to grow briskly even in the middle of winter.

With the arrival of spring, I repotted the seedlings in their own pots. The growing box is durable and worked afterward in growing herbs.

It has been interesting to follow the growth of olive trees from seed and to compare growing experiences with my friend as he grows Lil Plot's Eucalyptus seedlings. I may have asked Lil Plot for growing tips via email.

We will continue growing these trees overwinter with great joy and perhaps next summer I will pass these on as gifts.

Show Testimonial: Merja From Finland

"It's a lot of fun and also a great gift for friends and family."

My flatmates and me got the pomegranates tree kit. After only 1-2 weeks they popped out their heads and looked into a bright future.

All of our seeds started to grow. It was very easy to get started and all the materials used are environmental friendly.

Our trees have been growing quickly and after only 2 months we had to put them into separate pots. We are now looking forward to our first harvest.

It's a lot of fun and also a great gift for friends and family.

Show Testimonial: Jannik From Denmark

"It has given me a lot of joy already for a few months."

I got this eucalyptus package as a gift from my friend. It has given me a lot of joy already for a few months.

There were easy instructions which to follow and the tree started to grow no matter that I have no green thumbs. I warmly recommend Lil Plot - growing packages as a gift to loved ones - It's fun to follow how the new tree sprouts and starts to grow.

Show Testimonial: Marika From Finland

"Only like 2 days [after planting], I had too many sprouts to count! Incredible!"

The only thing I regret about my Lil' Plot is that I didn't buy it earlier. Immediately after my purchase, Lil' Plot helped me with everything and they were incredibly nice and helpful.

I planted plenty of seeds, expecting to only get a few sprouts (like with other companies). Only like 2 days later, I had too many sprouts to count! Incredible!

The growing kit is also super practical and has a nice look and feel to it. This really was a great buy!

Show Testimonial: Kajetan From Germany

"If I have done it, I am sure that anyone can."

I'm not a green thumb. Sowing the seeds and watching how the tree grows has been really exciting and fascinating experience. In the beginning I was doubtful if growing a tree can be that easy. But look at me now. My tree is growing wonderfully!

If I have done it, I am sure that anyone can.

Show Testimonial: Miika From Finland

"I couldn't be more happy!"

I love plants. I always did. And my eucalyptus trees from Lil Plot make me love them even more.

It didn't even take a week for them to arrive. And after two weeks only they started to grow. The first little leaves came out. I was so happy! And now after 12 weeks they grew so much! I couldn't be more happy!

They even strated to smell like eucalyptus and that's a big YES for me. I love it!

I definitely recommend lil plot growing packages to everyone! It's super easy to care for and makes your room more beautiful.

Thank you lil Plot!💚🌱

Show Testimonial: Karolina From Germany

"I had to move my pomegranate tree to a bigger pot after just five months."

I had to move my pomegranate tree to a bigger pot after just five months. I have managed to grow the tree by giving water every day and keep it in a warm place. I have also sprayed sometimes water upon the leaves.

Show Testimonial: Jouni From Finland
  • Growing a tree makes you happier

    Research shows that having plants in your home reduce stress, increase creativity, and boost moods. Combine that with the rewarding project of actually growing your own tree from seed, and you’ll feel genuinely happier as long as your lil tree is around.

  • A cool way of tracking your milestones

    Whether you’re starting a new job, having a baby, moving to a new home, celebrating a special birthday, or picking up your new pet — you could plant a tree to commemorate the milestone. Makes it easy to look back at our lives, and stay grateful.

  • The best kind of home decor

    It doesn’t get much more personal than a tree that you’ve planted with your own hands. Having one (or a few) in your home makes it feel like, well, your home.

  • A thoughtful gift that’s not clutter

    Many people nowadays don’t want more stuff, but gifting experiences can be difficult too. A Lil Plot Tree Growing Kit is the perfect thing that’s not really a “thing”. It’s a small, but significant, project that almost anyone will love — and remember you from for a long time.

  • No green thumbs needed

    Growing your own indoor tree is easy and straightforward with a Lil Plot Tree Growing Kit. Plant the seeds, water regularly, give some pep-talks, and wait it out. And if for some reason it still doesn’t grow, we’ll send you new seeds.

What's Inside a Lil Plot Tree Growing Kit

  • Quality Inspected Seeds

    We filter out bad seeds to make sure your tree starts growing as fast as possible.

  • Supercharged Soil

    The soil provided in our kits is filled with all the important nutrients your tree needs.

  • Recyclable & Waterproof Pot

    The pot that’s included is made out of cardboard, with a thin plastic coating inside to make it waterproof. When your tree outgrows the pot, it can be completely recycled.

  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions

    Growing an indoor tree and assembling your pot is easy, but we’ve included detailed instructions to leave out the guesswork.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ship EU wide for a flat fee of 4,90€. Orders over 50€ ship for free.

It depends on the tree. Some trees, such as the eucalyptus tree, gets their first seedlings after a couple weeks. Others may take several months to start growing. Check the description of each tree for our best estimate.

We have a growth guarantee, which means that we’ll send you new seeds if the original ones for some reason don’t start sprouting. But 99.9% of our customers never need new seeds.

No, you don’t need to. The cardboard pot that’s included will be enough to get started with. At some point (after around 6 months or so), when your tree grows larger, you need to move it to a bigger pot.

Yes! You can plant it anytime, no matter the season. It will still grow.

Unplanted seeds last for a good amount of time — at least 6 months. No need to stress about gifting trees that might not get planted right away.

You can easily re-pot your tree by opening the Lil Plot growing box from the sides. You can find the instructions as well as other growing instructions from our blog.