How to grow a Lemon tree?

Posted by Santeri Muukkonen on Thu, Mar 05, 2020

Early spring and winter is the best time to start growing a lemon tree.

That's why we made a Lil plot "How to grow a Lemon tree with Lil plot growing set" -guide for you.

  1. In our Grow your own Lemon tree -packages you'll get everything you need to start growing your own tree from seed. First it is good to soak your seeds for 24 hours. It will activate the seed.
  2. After soaking, you place your seeds in the soil. The best depth is 1-2cm under the ground.
  3. Our special soil has enough fertilizer for the first year for a lemon tree. That's the reason why it's simple to grow a tree with our package. All you have to do now is water the soil.
  4. The sprouting will take 1-2 months, but can happen a lot sooner too. Keep calm: a lemon tree will grow first roots. It takes time before you see the result. Remember to take care of your plant even if you still can't see it.
  5. After sprouting, water your mini-lemon tree regularly. For example one to two times per week. Wait until the soil is dry before you wet it again.
  6. In the summer, you can move your lemon tree outside or keep it at a windowsill. If you have a balcony, that's a pretty good spot. However, you have to take it back inside in the fall (except if you live in a mediterranean climate).
  7. You have to plant your lemon tree to bigger pot after one year of growing. You should also change the soil at this point. With Lil plot growing box this is easy as you can unfold the box and repot the tree without harming the roots!
  8. A lemon tree can bear fruit after 7 years of growing, but even if it doesn't it's still an awesome houseplant. A lemon tree will clean your room air and produce oxygen for you.

All our seeds are organic lemon tree seeds. Every set comes with many seeds so you'll most likely get more than one tree. We offer growth guarantee: every tree growing kit produces at least one tree. If your seeds do not sprout we will send you new seeds for free.

It's completely risk-free to start growing your own lemon tree now. We promise that you'll get a lot of joy. ♥

Happy growing,


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We guarantee that every tree growing kit produces at least one tree.