The Forest

Posted by Santeri Muukkonen on Thu, Mar 05, 2020

I love forests, but I’m afraid that I belong to a minority. These days opinions towards forests seems to be quite negative especially among the young people. Moving from the countryside to cities has made the forest strange.

The digitalised society has started to think that everything you need for your comfort can be found from the internet. People do not long for wilderness or spend their time as much there as before. In the past the forest was sacred to the people. From there you could get food and shelter and the nature connection you feel there is pure food for the soul.

I think that the only place where you can really see the four seasons of Mother Earth is in the forest. In the spring there are thousands of small streams that sound amazing all around. In the summer it glows full of green colours and is vibrant with life. In the fall the forest is all bright red and yellow and what’s best is that you can pick your own mushrooms and make yummy fresh mushroom foods. In the winter the trees are covered with snow and the white scenery is just magical to look at. The silence in the forest is also something that you have to experience, it cannot be described. When going to the forest the stress will go away and you’ll feel refreshed every time.

In Finland the forest has always been a big part of our national culture. It has been the fountain of inspiration for all kind of artists. The most known Finnish artists have all declared the nature and the forest to have been their biggest inspiration. For example the Finlandia hymn (if you haven’t heard the song look it up on Youtube), Kalevala (the national epic poetry book that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write The lord of the rings) were both made from two artists that loved the forest.

It feels bad that many people think that the only value you get from the wilderness is economical. Some people go to the forest with big machines and cut down the trees to make profit and unnecessary things. Instead of hurting the nature we should respect all the animals, trees and plants. Without them we would lose our nature connection forever and we’d become immersed fully in the digital life, we’d become more like machines than anything.

When going to the forest you can truly feel the nature connection and many people say that you can think more clearly. This is how I feel as well and that is why I’m addicted to going into the forest often to have a stress relieving nice long walk with my dog.

Luckily there are a lot of people that think as I do that the forest is amazing. Many magazines have also started to write with positive vibes about forests and it’s healthy benefits. The nature revolution is near. Soon the destroying of the nature will stop and we will start to create and nourish it again.

Have a great week,


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