What I found when I came across the cliff?

Posted by Santeri Muukkonen on Thu, Mar 05, 2020

Near where I live is located a big rock. I have been wandering out there for a few evenings this week. Yesterday I took my camera and a small oak with me so I could caption the sunset and plant a tree for some good subject. Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card to my laptop but at least I had my smartphone and the Lil oak with me.

As you may know, there are no mountains in Finland. That is why every hill, even the small ones, where one can see the whole horizon, seems to be very extraordinary. I came across the cliff of this so-called mountain and found out that there was a graffiti.

The graffiti was writing 'äiti' and the years 1943 - 2019. 'Äiti' means 'mother' and the graffiti was clearly dedicated to the painter's mom. What a great reason to make a painting. Inspired by that painting, I decided to grow my Lil oak next to it for every mother of the world.

There are many kinds of moms but one thing is certainly sure. Every one of us has one and without them (and of course the fathers) we wouldn't be here. Personally, I think that we should remember our parents as well as grandparents not only on holidays but also in our everyday life. Let that small oak be a reminder about that.

Have a sunny day,

Lil plot