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Why everyone should grow a Coffee tree?

Posted by Hannah Beasley on

I can clearly remember the first time I drank coffee. All I thought was: "I will never like this stuff. How can anyone like it?" These days I have to admit that the coffee is my driver. I love it and so do you, don't you?

Ever since I fell in love with coffee, I've tried all kinds of beans and coffee roasteries. The next big thing was when I few months ago started dreaming about the first Finnish coffee plantation. There really are no too big dreams! I already have a mini plantation sowed in my home and I'm looking forward to their progress eagerly. 

But why should everyone grow a coffee tree? First of all, coffee tree is an easy plant to take care of. You don't need to be a hardcore green-thumb. It takes three to four years before it starts to bear fruit. You will sooner or later make a very special cuppa! When it happens, I am sure it feels and tastes amazing. 

Coffee trees as well as every tree species also cleanses air. Don't forget that it's also quite unique and cool gift to all of us coffee lovers. With Lil plot Coffee tree -package you can start your own growing project easily.

Happy growing yo'all!



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