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Haws Spritzer (Copper)

Regular price €24,90
Haws Spritzer (Copper)

Haws Spritzer (Copper)

Regular price €24,90

The air indoors is often too dry, and plants need more humidity. A spritzer — or a mist sprayer — helps indoor plants retain moisture.

It's also ideal for when your tree has just began to grow. The small seedlings are weak and can't tolerate a heavy and direct stream of water. To avoid damaging them, you can use a spritzer to give them the water they need.

The spritzer has a capacity of 300 ml, with an easy press plunger for fine mist spray.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, by Haws. They've made plant accessories since 1886, so it's safe to say they know how they should be done.


We ship EU wide for a flat fee of 4,90€. Orders over 50€ ship for free.


It depends on the tree. Some trees, such as the eucalyptus tree, gets their first seedlings after a couple weeks. Others may take several months to start growing. Check the description of each tree for our best estimate.


We have a growth guarantee, which means that we’ll send you new seeds if the original ones for some reason don’t start sprouting. But 99.9% of our customers never need new seeds.


No, you don’t need to. The cardboard pot that’s included will be enough to get started with. At some point (after around 6 months or so), when your tree grows larger, you need to move it to a bigger pot.


Yes! You can plant it anytime, no matter the season. It will still grow.


Unplanted seeds last for a good amount of time — at least 6 months. No need to stress about gifting trees that might not get planted right away.


You can easily re-pot your tree by opening the Lil Plot growing box from the sides. You can find the instructions as well as other growing instructions from our blog.

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