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Coffee Tree

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Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit
Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit Coffee Tree Growing Kit
Grow your own...

Coffee Tree

Regular price €29,90

There's no better tree for coffee lovers, than the coffee tree! Coffee trees are known for being resilient, so even first time growers will easily see success here.

A coffee tree can grow up to 2 meters tall, but if needed, the growth is easy to halt with a smaller pot.

The growth curve of a coffee tree is interesting. It can take anywhere between 2 and 5 months for it to start growing. After the slow start, coffee trees start growing quite rapidly.

In 4 years you can start expecting flowers, which eventually become coffee cherries. These cherries have the famous bean inside them.

There's something about the feeling of admiring your coffee tree, while simultaneously drinking your favorite roast. It almost feels like the taste becomes better.

If you're a coffee lover, you need a coffee tree in your home. Order now and start growing in just a few days!

Buying as a gift?

The coffee tree is obviously best suited for coffee lovers, but also for people who can appreciate delayed gratification. Who are the people you know that like to put in the work today, even if the results are coming later? These people will love the coffee tree.

You can add a message to the gift receiver when checking out.

Botanical Name: Coffea arabica


Unfortunately our stock is limited, so order now to ensure fast delivery.


Growing a tree makes you happier

A cool way of tracking your milestones

The best kind of home decor

A thoughtful gift that’s not clutter

No green thumbs needed

Quality inspected seeds

We filter out bad seeds to make sure your tree starts growing as fast as possible.

Supercharged soil

The soil provided in our kits is filled with all the important nutrients your tree needs.

Recyclable & waterproof pot

The pot that’s included is made out of cardboard, with a thin plastic coating inside to make it waterproof. When your tree outgrows the pot, it can be completely recycled.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Growing an indoor tree and assembling your pot is easy, but we’ve included detailed instructions to leave out the guesswork.

Out kits contain everything you need to start growing a tree in your home.


The first thing you’ll do is fold the included cardboard pot into, well, into a pot. Don’t worry, folding instructions (with pics) are included too. Just FYI, the cardboard is 100% waterproof, so your pot won’t leak or rot.


After your pot is folded and ready, open the bag of soil and fill the pot. Our soil is already enriched with all the nutrients your baby tree could ask for, so no need to add anything.


Now you’ll plant the seeds. First, soak the seeds in room temperature water for about 4 hours to accelerate sprouting. Plant the seeds evenly around the pot. Eucalyptus and pine seeds work best on the surface, while everything else should be dug around 1 cm in the soil.


Lastly, give your new friend some water. In the beginning, when the seedlings are still weak, use a spritzer rather than a watering can, or at least make sure that you don’t pour water directly on the seedlings. Watering a couple times a week is enough.


Then it’s just about patience. Only a few things can replicate the joy of seeing your new tree pop up from the soil — and you’ll be surprised how fast it happens!

P.S. All our trees have a growth guarantee. We provide enough quality inspected seeds that there’s virtually zero chance of your tree not growing, but if that were to happen, just email us and we’ll send you new seeds in no time.

Giving the proper care for your new green friend isn’t difficult or time-consuming, but there are a few things you need to know.


Plants need water and light to thrive.

If you want your new tree to grow fast, make sure it gets light. A lot of light. Low light isn’t the first thing to kill your tree, but it will seriously hurt the growth. This is why many people place their plants on window sills.

Supercharged Soil

Our soil is enriched with nutrients, so during their initial growth period there’s no need to add anything. Once your tree is about 6 months old, you can choose to add fertilizer, but it’s recommended to do so only between February and October.

The soil should be changed once a year, ideally in springtime.

Your tree can, and will, outgrow the cardboard pot eventually. Fortunately it’s easy to repot, since you can open our original pot.


Water regularly, and make sure to not let the soil dry out completely. Stick your finger a couple centimeters in the soil to feel if it’s still moist.

During winter time, the soil is allowed to get dryer than during summer. This is because plants have a resting period approximately between November and February.

If you notice that the leaves have started hanging, you’ve most likely given your tree too little water.

Overwatering is equally bad — if not worse. Too much water causes fungus and root- killing bacteria to settle in. Overwatering is the number one killer of houseplants and indoor trees. Be extra cautious about overwatering during winter. It’s easy to go overboard when the plants are on their resting period.

Room temperature tap water works well for watering.

To sum it up, just make sure your trees get the proper amounts of water and light, make sure the soil is healthy, and spray or wipe your tree from time to time to get rid of dust.

That’s pretty much it. And if you ever require any assistance, we’re here to help!


We ship EU wide for a flat fee of 4,90€. Orders over 50€ ship for free.


It depends on the tree. Some trees, such as the eucalyptus tree, gets their first seedlings after a couple weeks. Others may take several months to start growing. Check the description of each tree for our best estimate.


We have a growth guarantee, which means that we’ll send you new seeds if the original ones for some reason don’t start sprouting. But 99.9% of our customers never need new seeds.


No, you don’t need to. The cardboard pot that’s included will be enough to get started with. At some point (after around 6 months or so), when your tree grows larger, you need to move it to a bigger pot.


Yes! You can plant it anytime, no matter the season. It will still grow.


Unplanted seeds last for a good amount of time — at least 6 months. No need to stress about gifting trees that might not get planted right away.

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