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Complete guide for growing a tree

How to grow a tree with Lil Plot   Open the package. Lift the contents (Lil Plot, seed envelope, and instructions) on the table. Remove the cardboard cover and soil bag from the Lil Plot and open the bag. Pour the soil carefully to the Lil Plot. Open the seed...

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What I found when I came across the cliff?

Near where I live is located a big rock. I have been wandering out there for a few evenings this week. Yesterday I took my camera and a small oak with me so I could caption the sunset and plant a tree for some good subject. Unfortunately, I forgot my...

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Houseplant revolution is growing

Why do we love to grow different sort of houseplants in our homes? I think the answer lies in the fact that the plants remind us about nature. As nature is the place where humans have originally evolved and big cities are a relatively new thing in our history, we...

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Why you should let nature come into your home?

For the past years with growing trees in my home I have learned a great deal about nature. I have learned that you cannot control the trees. There is no way you can make them grow faster than their own rhythm is. Of course they can be nourished with different...

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The Forest

I love forests, but I’m afraid that I belong to a minority. These days opinions towards forests seems to be quite negative especially among the young people. Moving from the countryside to cities has made the forest strange.The digitalised society has started to think that everything you need for your...

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