Complete guide for growing a tree

Geposted von Santeri Muukkonen am Mon, Jun 22, 2020

How to grow a tree with Lil Plot


Open the package. Lift the contents (Lil Plot, seed envelope, and instructions) on the table. Remove the cardboard cover and soil bag from the Lil Plot and open the bag. Pour the soil carefully to the Lil Plot. Open the seed envelope and soak the seeds in the water container for 4 hours.

Make small holes for the seeds. The depth of the holes depends on the tree species. The rule of thumb is that the hole is as deep as the thickness of the seed is. Oak seeds are sown to a depth of two centimeters. Pomegranate, lemon, and olive seeds are sown in a hole about a centimeter deep. Eucalyptus and Spruce tree can be sown on the soil surface without being covered.

After you have sown the seeds, you have to water them. Make sure that the seeds and the soil are moistened in small batches of water. Once you have done the job, the soil must not be allowed to dry out. It must be kept moist. Place the Lil Plot in a bright place on the windowsill and take good care of it.



How long does it take before the seeds germinate:

Germination times vary a lot depending on the tree species. The fastest to germinate is eucalyptus, which germinates at its fastest in two weeks. The germination time of a pomegranate is about two weeks to one month. Oak and lemon germinate in one month to two months. Usually, it takes two months to three months for the olive to germinate.

Once the seeds have germinated, the seedlings are allowed to grow and get stronger. There is no hurry to separate the seedlings into their own pots. The best time to separate tree seedlings is spring and summer. If you have grown your own tree in the fall or winter, for example, it is better to be kept in Lil Plot until spring.


Taking care of the trees



The most important task for us tree growers is watering. Once the seeds have germinated the seedlings are at first very weak. It’s better to water ‘em either gently from the side of the seedlings by pouring water on the roots or by spraying with a spritzer which will make a light moist fog. It won’t hurt the seedlings.

The dangers of watering are under-watering and over-watering. If the plants are watered too little, seedlings will start hanging the leaves and may die. Over-watering is a danger especially in winter when trees are on rest periods. Before watering, you can touch the soil from a depth of a couple of centimeters to check the need for watering.

In winter, indoor trees may drop their leaves. However, that doesn’t mean that the plant is dead. Pomegranate drops almost all of its leaves in the fall but grows new ones in the spring. In winter, the soil of most plants is better allowed to dry out before re-watering.



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Nutrients and fertilization:


During the first months, tree seedlings should not be fertilized. The soil contains the necessary nutrients. After three months from the germination of the tree, you can start fertilizing it. Fertilize only during the growing season. The growing season runs from the beginning of February to the end of October. Fertilization has to be done in with the instructions of the nutrient of your choice. Too aggressive fertilization is bad for your tree’s health and may even kill it.


Repotting and separating the seedlings:


Seedlings can be separated when they have a second pair of leaves, for a total of four leaves. As we mentioned earlier, there is no rush to separate seedlings. The best time to separate tree seedlings is spring and summer. If you have grown your own tree in the fall or winter, for example, it is better to be kept in the Lil Plot box until spring.

Trees can be planted either as a group of several trees or individually. Planting as a group is easier. First, you need to open the Lil Plot. Then you just lift the soil pack and seedlings into a new pot. Loose soil can be removed before. The new pot should be a little bit bigger than the Lil Plot. The edges of the pot are filled with new soil. 

If you want to plant your trees individually you need to open the Lil Plot as well. This makes it easy to handle the plant and the roots gently. The roots will remain undamaged. Fill the new pot with soil. The most suitable soil is a seedling mix. If the seedling mix is not available, normal potting soil will work fine. Make a hole in the soil. Gently lift the seedling from its stem. It is a good idea to use a small spoon to get the roots out of the old soil. Place the roots into the soil, cover it with soil. Water the plant carefully. 

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How to change the soil of your plant:


The soil should be changed once a year in the spring at the beginning of the growing season. The growing season runs from the beginning of February. The tree is carefully taken out of the pot with the soil and roots. Loose soil is removed and if the roots are twisted or otherwise damaged, they are straightened or removed. Fill the pot with new soil so that the plant is about two inches below the edge of the pot. Place the plant back in a pot and fill it with soil. The soil is watered and if it sinks, the soil is added. Lastly, the soil is watered once more. 

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