One small solution for a big problem

Geposted von Jan-Erik Antinluoma am Thu, Mar 05, 2020

The world’s attention is now on what our leaders will do for the sake of our planet. In our opinion the attention should be changed to what you and we can do for the sake of our planet.

It is scientifically proven that the CO2 levels are rising because of human activities. This in turn is heating up the planet. This makes us feel very powerless. It is easy to think that it is of no use to do anything in our daily lives differently. This is what we think.

It is a fact though that our current European lifestyle is very bad for our planet. This lifestyle includes using the car a lot, traveling to different places with the airplane. Eating a lot of meat and fast foods. Using a lot of electricity. Well we all know the things we do…

We at Lil plot are not here to preach about how bad we are living our lives. We are offering a small solution to how people can get some hope and power to themselves.

Start growing a tree and plant it outside somewhere. If you don’t have your own yard put it to grow on public lands. One tree will over time grow new seeds that will become new trees.

One tree can absorb up to 1000 ton of CO2 from the atmosphere during its life. The carbon footprint of 1 average European can be neutralized by 200 square metres of trees. This means an area of 20m X 10 m. It is totally doable!

We all know that we usually start to act only when it is the last minute. Now is that time. We need to all start acting and living differently now. We can all decide ourselves.

There is still hope we can turn the planet around. Let’s all grow more trees into our beautiful green future!

Our new Grow your own Oak tree-set is a very easy way to start growing trees. Every package has many seeds and a special soil that has got good fertilizer for the seeds to start growing. All you have to do is water your trees.

Start growing with your friend this Valentine! The Grow an Oak-package is on Valentines sale -10%. Let’s all do a good thing to our planet.