Why you should let nature come into your home?

Geposted von Jan-Erik Antinluoma am Thu, Mar 05, 2020

For the past years with growing trees in my home I have learned a great deal about nature.

I have learned that you cannot control the trees. There is no way you can make them grow faster than their own rhythm is. Of course they can be nourished with different formulas, but still trees do not like to be pushed.

The only thing you can do is to feed them water and put them in a place where they get sufficient amount of sun. That is all they need. In addition, I do believe though that if you talk to the trees nicely, they will try to grow better and stronger. This is something you can try to do to your own growing projects :)

As the trees own rhythm cannot be controlled I have realized that nature cannot either be controlled.

If we cannot control nature is it chaos then?

No, nature works with precise laws. Everything is tied up together.
For example trees have a precise job in nature. As does the frogs and the birds. Trees tie up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They give shelter to many animals, including squirrels, birds, bats etc.

There are numerous things that trees do that actually benefit the whole. That will be another story though.

Back to why it is important to let nature into your home. This has been told surely to you numerous times, but as more and more people live in cities we get distanced from nature.

Cities have been built trying to contain and control the nature around. There is concrete all around, so that nothing can grow on those spots so that it feels neat and tidy. However, maybe you have noticed sometimes grass or other greens sticking out from concrete?
That is a sign that nature cannot be controlled forever. It will do what it wants to do. It wants to grow.

As most of us live in places where nature is trying to be controlled, we see what is in front of us.

That is not real nature though.

This is why it is important to bring nature into your home. When you have something growing on your windowsill, you will automatically look at it every day. This brings you closer to real nature, which wants to grow with its own pace.

It will be a great thing everyday to pause and stop everything else. Just look at your creation, which grows slowly but surely.

Grow something yourself. Put a seed into a pot. This will bring you closer to nature and you will start to experience nature-connection.

Happy growing!

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