About trees and dogs

Posted by Santeri Muukkonen on Thu, Mar 05, 2020

I have been a dog person ever since my family took a dachshund Hilma six years ago. I've got to known Hilma very well during these years. In October I decided to take my own dog, a friend who will always be beside me.

This autumn has changed my life. Having a dog is a great responsibility and Lil plot has made me a total tree nuthead. I have sown giant-sequoias, sugar maples, oaks and lemon trees in my home. In the mornings I take care of my dog by taking it outside and feeding it. I also take care of my trees and water them and grow them with love.

I see a lot in common in trees and dogs. There are many different looking trees and dogs and every species and breeds have got their own features. By watching them grow one will get a lot of joy.

Small seedlings and puppies are cute and sympatic. But in my opinion a tree or a dog is at best when they are grown-up. Then the job is done and one can enjoy the achievement.

Time will create a bond between the grower and her seedling or puppy. In the end it's not too serious, if one doesn't get an award winning end result. Every seedling and dog is precious just as it is.

All the best,
Founder of Lil Plot