Grow trees for your loved ones

Posted by Jan-Erik Antinluoma on Wed, Mar 04, 2020

As I'm writing this I can see two small oak trees on my windowsill. They are already creating leaves, even though it was only one month ago I planted them. I have decided to grow these oaks for my beloved fiancé and my dear dog. In the spring time I intend to put them in the ground and take good care of them.

For me it is a beautiful thing to think that I'm creating something so lasting as named trees. It also gives me joy to think that I'm doing something good for the environment as well. In the spring and summer time one tree can bind its bodyweight of carbon dioxide. As a person, who has lived in cities all of my life, I feel I haven't really done too much of a good impact on our planet. Knowing now that growing trees reduces the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has given me hope that I can someday have a positive carbon footprint.

Growing a tree for your loved ones will leave a beautiful memory of the person to this earth for a long time. I hope my loved ones will someday start growing a tree for me, so that my grandchildren can remember me with joy every time they see my tree in the future.

Make a good deed today and start growing a tree for your loved ones!

Have a great day,


Founder of Lil Plot