Houseplant revolution is growing

Posted by Jan-Erik Antinluoma on Thu, Mar 05, 2020

Why do we love to grow different sort of houseplants in our homes? I think the answer lies in the fact that the plants remind us about nature. As nature is the place where humans have originally evolved and big cities are a relatively new thing in our history, we love everything that reminds us of our old home. 

Many studies have been made on the effect of having houseplants and for example Forbes has written an article about the subject. According to a study (Journal of Physiological Anthropology) houseplants reduce stress and anxiety, better the air quality, make the home more humid, make your memory better and they heal you from illnesses faster.

What a list of beautiful benefits your houseplants have! No wonder we all love to have them around and more and more people are starting to grow something in their homes.

In our opinion growing a houseplant has become the new norm. It is no longer a hobby of a senior citizen, but it has become a source of joy for the younger generations as well. Also men are awakening to the healing effects of houseplants (Me and Santeri are a proof of that) :)

Soon there is nothing stopping the houseplants of taking over the whole world and everyone’s homes. As this happens people will become less stressed and this will increase the overall happiness of humans.

The houseplant revolution is growing and we wish you all the best in your own revolution. Remember that all good things start from your own actions :)

Good wishes,
Founder of Lil plot